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God's Predestines Prophetic Worship & Mime Ministries of Power & Glory Ministries

Purpose - Vision - Mission

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Purpose - Vision - Mission


Purpose and Vision Statement


God’s Predestines Prophetic Worship and Mime Ministries Inc.

 Rooted on a firm scriptural foundation.



  We are a body of believers who are unified in a common purpose, which is:  To encourage and promote the Word and worship of God.  To evangelize, to teach, to worship, to minister, and to practice a nurturing fellowship as reflections of the Love of God that is evidenced through the redeeming gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Our presence begins in Columbus Ohio awakening souls, transforming lives throughout the metropolitan area. Our ultimate mission is worldwide.


   We serve as a center for spiritual growth and a place for training which teaches us to better use our talents and abilities in our daily lives. We are committed to be a ministry, which practices the priesthood of the believer, which, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, has the strength of faith that acknowledges the right of all Christians to individually interpret and apply God's message through the Word and Spiritual Dance.  God’s Predestines is a ministry where Christian love abounds so that those around us recognize Our Father for in whom we believe.

Mission Statement


God first reached out in love to us through Jesus Christ. Therefore we, God’s Predestines Prophetic Worship and Mime Ministries Inc. led by the Holy Spirit, will demonstrate God's love.


      We will honor God through holiness, sanctification, prayer, worship, praise and communion with Him.

      We desire to let believers and un-churched know all about Jesus Christ and understand fully what He accomplished on our behalf on the cross.

      We will witness the Word of God by faith in Jesus Christ with all people.

      We will guide believers to grow toward Christian maturity through dance and discipleship in all areas of life. 


Value Statement


We are committed to nurturing personal spiritual growth through in-depth Bible study with our church Family, meditating on Gods Word, consecrated prayer life, and authentic Christian living.

  • We are committed to educating, equipping and encouraging all persons to be faithful servants in Christ's ministry of outreaching love.
  • We are committed to responding in positive ways to the diverse and changing needs of our church family, the surrounding community and the world.
  • We are committed to building strong bonds of Christian friendship and caring relationships within our church family especially through our ministry.
  • We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to the connectional system of our church as well as enjoying the benefits of that system.